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All the media format, content, tools, products, services that this website contains, which are made available to the users of House of Amoda, are provided on “as is” and “as available” basis. If not, it shall be specified in writing as and when needed.

House of Amoda as the owner of this website does not express or imply any form of warranty for all website elements, be it content, design, products, tools, services, etc. made available for its users unless it is stated in the writing. Therefore, it is understood hereby that you as a user are accessing the website at your own risk.

We do not give any warranty on the fact that this website will be eternally available. There is no warranty on any information over this website to be full, real, precise, or not misleading.

Anyone associated within the House of Amoda business shall not be liable to you in any way or in relation to the content over the website or the website itself. It is understood hereby that you assume and take the complete responsibility to access the House of Amoda website at your own risk. And no one from House of Amoda including the brand name shall have anything to do with the damages of any kind with your usage of this website.

Though we shall do everything to protect the website from harmful viruses and malware, we do not possess any control over it. This website also is not built for any illegal purposes. Nothing on the site is meant to constitute advice or suggestions of any kind. All the forms of services and products that are sold over the website are governed by Indian Laws.

In case if House of Amoda is unable to process and/or deliver such Products due to implications of different territorial laws, we will refund or give credit for the amount (if any) received in advance by us. However, it shall be YOUR responsibility to check and ensure whether the products and services purchased from this website are restricted to your territory or not. House of Amoda holds and reserves no responsibility for any non-compliance with regard to the local laws of that territory, and this is applicable to all the products and services available on this website.

We hold no liability for any damages to the users that may arise due to the usage of the services on this website. House of Amoda shall not be liable for the damages that may arise due to the content, products, or any material on the website. The kind of damage includes direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages unless depicted in specified writing.

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