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Meeta Solanki Jadeja

“Sustainability is not in the end result; sustainability is in the process of life-defining the hand-crafted values.“

Meeta Solanki Jadeja : amoda was established in 2015 by Meeta Solanki Jadeja in Ahmedabad – but the story of amoda begins a long time before the birth of the brand. For nearly three decades before the company was established, Meeta had curated her first textile-craft exhibition in 1991 and had been working closely with artisans and craftspeople in the kutch region of Gujarat – long before designer-artisan collaborations had become a common practice. It was this knowledge and sensitivity that culminated in the creation of a conscious lifestyle brand – ‘amoda essence of India’ in 2015.

YuddhavirSingh Jadeja

“where every fabric has a history and that takes you to a creative world of hand-crafted textiles-apparels of Bharat“

In 2016, Yuddhavir Singh Jadeja joined the company as Creative Director, developing Amoda’s new collections and leading the overall creative vision of the company.

Aashka Jadeja

“Understanding the process of hand-crafted textiles-apparels leads to experience, experience leads to learning and learning leads to awareness“

In 2019, Aashka Jadeja – a heritage professional – joined the core team with a focus on conserving the cultural heritage and reviving lost textile crafts through Amoda’s craft outreach and business development.


amoda's essence

The word ‘amoda’ means ‘fragrance’ in Sanskrit, which is related to one of our most delicate senses. The name represents the range of subtle scents in any hand-crafted apparel – a blend of aromas from the natural ingredients used to dye the fabric to the distinct fragrance associated with pure silk and khadi. At Amoda, this unique aroma is the ‘essence of India’.

Amoda is a brand that brings together a rich knowledge of traditional textile and an innate passion for hand-crafted practices and understanding its sustainable process. The result is a brand that looks at lifestyle as a set of choices based on a commitment to people, practices and planet. As a modern lifestyle brand, Amoda showcases a range of products – from garments to accessories and home furnishings – that demonstrate a respect for the Indian textile heritage, crafts, culture, tradition, artisans, and the environment. Within this ‘traditional to textile’ journey of the product, Amoda honours to keep alive the essence of handcraft legacy in a modern world with a contemporary language.

At Amoda, value is built by making conscious choices at every stage of a product’s lifecycle – from how the raw materials are produced and processed to how the finished product is packaged. This ‘farm to fashion’ approach ensures that, eventually, this ‘value’ flows into the hands of the customer in the form of a lovingly crafted product.

Amoda works closely with artisans to revive craft practices that are fading away. The brand’s collections consciously incorporate materials and techniques in a way that does not undermine the artisans’ knowledge, techniques and design sense. With this ‘culture to craft’ approach, today Amoda is amongst Gujarat’s leading conscious and craft-centric lifestyle brands.

The brand not only designs and creates its own collections but also partners, and works in close collaboration, with independent designers and artisans – offering the expertise needed to create their unique collections. The Amoda team offers in-depth know-how in fabric selection, production planning, craft techniques like embroidery, block-printing, weaving, as well as design-related support such as mood boards, material, palette selections, and much more. The team has the knowledge and resources to encompass the entire design and production process for its partners.

amoda's sustainability

Sustaining Culture

Amoda, raising society’s awareness of these traditional and endangered textile craft techniques as well as of the value of the traditional knowledge and the craftspeople. The consumers are given access to a crucial part of India’s cultural heritage and by means of that increasing their appreciation for it.

Sustaining Livelihood

Amoda, products are produced by small studios and rural craftspeople, which consequently benefits the rural economies and helps communities of craftsmen and women to sustain their creativity and livelihoods. Emphasis is placed on ensuring the creators receive the social recognition they deserve.

Sustaining Environment

Amoda, works with an environmentally friendly production process where the used water is getting cleaned and recycled several times before it gets released to the farmland and where waste is minimised and up-cycled to create new products.

amoda's philosophy

Every member of the Amoda team is committed to the brand’s values and philosophy, which is to create meaningful and sustainable products. In sharp contrast to the world of fast fashion, Amanda’s collections draw inspiration from India’s rich and vast heritage of textiles and apparel, to create exquisite and timeless classics.

At each step in the making process of these pieces – from selecting the right materials to understanding the artisan’s concerns:


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