The textile consumed in the collection trace back to 3000 BC.

    Inspired from Mohenjo Daro Civilisation Era . Where the farmers practiced weaving of handwoven textiles to create the identity of Bharat’s craft practices.

    “Old world cotton use to walk around and take the sun in air, sun get warm in his native ground and old world cotton have revived in 21st Century”

    The textiles consumed in the collection are handwoven & hand spun in Kutch. Where the traditional weaving has been revived.

    The collection simply be described in three words.

    TIMELESS, traditional textiles can be worn and consumed as a classic and ageless apparel.

    FREESIZE, signifies freedom.

    COMFORT, signifies inner happiness within a human soul with the apparel.

    The collection by amoda shares the experience of heritage textiles of Bharat .

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